Towards the Light Digital Download

Towards the Light Digital Download

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'Towards the Light', EP tells the personal and autobiographical story of Angela Mahon's conversion journey through music, song, and lyrics.

Track 1 - Struck Down By Grace: tells of the poignant moment Angela could no longer live as she was living and cried out to God. Through a moment of Divine intervention described in the lyrics as being 'Struck Down By Grace' Angela discovers that God hears the cry of the poor in Spirit.

Track 2 - Break Free: was released as a single in March 2019. The song enters with no musical introduction marking the severing needed from old to new life when we are called to Break Free. The lyrics and beautiful melody weave a storytelling of the inner struggle Angela faced, in coming to terms with accepting who God said she was. The turbulent and formidable task of turning in a new direction away from dysfunction and worldly vices leads Angela to discover the small voice of God calling her to truth and new life.

Track 3 - When I Found Love: Reminiscences of the freedom Angela found when she realized the love of God in her heart: This powerful force of God's personal love for her set Angela on a new path in life.

Track 4 -Hope On the Horizon: is an upbeat song filled with hope and energy that catapultes into fighting to go in the direction of Hope. "Hope on the Horizon" speaks to us about persevering in the face of despair by holding onto the hope of a brighter future. 

Track 5 -Towards the Light: explores Angela's new direction in life and the joy of being led by the Spirit towards the light of Christ. 


Recorded @ KSM Music Studios in 2019
Engineered & Mixed by Grammy Award-winning Producer Dom Morley
Mastered by Julian Lowe
Songs Composed by Angela Mahon, Arrangements by Robert Mahon


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