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RockSchool Ukulele Method Book Two

RockSchool Ukulele Method Book Two

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Sheet Music | RockSchool Ukulele | by (author) RSL

The Rockschool Ukulele Method takes readers from the initial approaches to playing ukulele through to performing their first pieces. By the end of the book 2 readers should be proficient enough to enter for their Debut exam.

The new method books include:


  • Twelve benchmarked topics across Method Book 1 and Method Book 2 (six in each book)
  • Progressive structure preparing students to take Rockschool Ukulele Debut
  • Newly composed exercises, games and pieces
  • Teacher parts to accompany student pieces
  • Professionally recorded backing tracks
  • Contemporary music styles
  • Success stickers to encourage progression through the book
  • A modern and colourful design